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Help us keep the project alive

AutoControl Shortcut Manager and spin-off extensions such as Tab Thumbnail Switcher and Per Tab Zoom are offered free of charge to everyone for their own use, benefit and enjoyment.
We do our best to provide products that people can rely on because we have a passion for building useful tools.
We also provide help and support to all users as far as time permits.
However, this endeavour costs us money from our own pockets. We need to pay for web hosting and domain registry bills so we can maintain a website to keep contact with the community.
Donate with If any of our browser extensions are useful to you, if they make your life easier or more productive, please consider helping us financially so we can keep moving the project forward. We'll gladly accept donations of any amount.
Your money will help us pay the bills as well as make up for the countless man-hours dedicated to software development.
Thank you for your support.
The AutoControl Team.