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Help us keep the project alive

AutoControl and spin-off extensions such as Tab Thumbnail Switcher and Per Tab Zoom are offered free of charge to everyone for their own use and benefit.
These extensions are developed purely out of interest in solving functional gaps in the browser for everybody.
Honestly though... we just like to build stuff :)
We try to do our best to provide help and support to all users as far as time permits. We also maintain this website with tutorials and documentation to help everyone get the most out of AutoControl and its powerful features.
Donate with Buy Me A Coffee Anyways, now that you are here, hand over your money!!!
No, seriously... this whole thing costs us money from our own pockets. Web hosting and domain registry are not given away at every corner.
So, please show your appreciation and give us a buck or two... or ten. The more the merrier, because almost nobody is willing to donate, believe it or not.
By supporting us, you'll help us keep going with this endeavor that benefits tens of thousands of people by now. Otherwise, we might get depressed or the ground might swallow us up or something.
Thank you!!
The AutoControl Team.