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Privacy Policy for Browser Extensions

The following set of policies apply to all browser extensions using the Native Component Extension for Google Chrome.
  1. Extensions do not collect, store or transmit any personal information about the user. Be it website addresses, e-mail addresses, passwords, user activity on the browser or any other application, and in general, any information that can be considered personal by any reasonable meaning of the word.
  2. Extensions' user settings are stored locally on the user's computer only. If the user chooses to synchronize the extension settings across devices, the transmission of data is performed by the browser's synchronization service. (or any third party) does not play any role in the transmission of user settings from one device to another.
  3. Extensions transmit sporadically to a remote server (about twice a month) the following anonymous information for statistical purposes:
    • Operating system version
    • Operating system language
    • CPU architecture
    • Scale factor of each monitor
    • Browser name and version
    • Browser language
    • Extension version
    • Number of actions created by the user (where applicable)
    • Type of actions in use by the user (where applicable)
    • Time elapsed since installation
  4. Additionally, when an extension detects that a software error or malfunction has occurred, a report is sent to a remote server including the information in clause 3 plus the following:
    • Error code and description
    • Error address/trace identifying where the error occurred
    • Number of Native Component Extensions running
  5. No other information is ever collected or transmitted.

  6. March 09, 2021.