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Update history

New features and improvements in AutoControl. Update versions not listed here include only minor changes and bug fixes.
Version 2023.11.26 Released on 2023-11-28
  • New "Export to file" option allows to export one or more actions to a file.
  • New "Settings File Editor" window allows to view, edit and import the contents of any settings file.
  • New "View file" button allows to open any settings file in the new "Settings File Editor".
  • The "Restore from file" button in the Options allows to add (instead of replace) settings from a file.
  • Settings can now be imported automatically from the website. Example here.
Version 2023.6.23 Released on 2023-06-24
  • New Show desktop action.
  • New Screen saver action for starting the screen saver.
  • New Turn off screen action can turn off all monitors at once.
  • New Bookmark URL action for bookmarking arbitrary URLs.
Version 2023.5.13 Released on 2023-05-15
New feature: SWITCHES.
  • New trigger condition: "Switch state".
  • The Continue chain if action supports 2 new condition types: "If switch" and "If text".
  • New action: Set switch state.
  • AutoControl menus support the new "Switch" item type.
  • New scripting function ACtl.switchState().
Version 2022.6.12 Released on 2022-06-15
The standard menu system now supports drag & drop of menu items.
  • Menu items can be reordered in place, thereby avoiding the need to open the configuration page to edit the menu.
  • Bookmarks and folders can be reordered and moved to other folders.
  • All items with an underlying URL (tabs, closed tabs, bookmarks) can be dragged outside the menu to open the URL on any program that accepts URLs.
Version 2022.3.4 Released on 2022-03-05
  • New Screen brightness action for adjusting monitor's backlight brightness.
  • New event trigger On startup allows to trigger actions on browser startup.
  • User-defined actions can now have their own custom icon next to their name/description. Example at Action menus.
  • New "No auto-repeat" option for keyboard keys.
  • New scripting functions ACtl.expand() and ACtl.runInFrames().
  • All supported placeholders are now usable from the GUI.
  • Extract URLs action can now extract URLs from any source of text.
  • Copy selected URLs action can now copy to any clipboard.
  • Synthesize input action can optionally keep the state of modifier keys.
  • Scroll action improved with a new scroll method and options.
Version 2021.12.8 Released on 2021-12-09
  • New event trigger Clipbrd changes allows to execute actions whenever the clipboard changes.
  • Several new tab/window event triggers, such as Tab focuses, Tab deactivates, Window minimizes, and others.
  • New trigger condition: "Event URL" (applies to event triggers only)
  • New Play Audio action allows to play sounds and speech.
  • New Wait action allows to pause the execution of action chains.
  • New placeholders: <selection> and <dirPath>.
  • The Bookmark tabs action can now insert the new bookmarks according to many ordering criteria.
Version 2021.8.25 Released on 2021-08-28
Version 2021.7.5 Released on 2021-07-08
  • Five new mouse-over conditions: Toolbar, Omnibox, Bookmark button, Browser menu button, Tab's speaker icon.
  • New timeout option for mouse gestures allows to use the right button for dragging on webpages.
  • It's now possible to specify default conditions that apply to all mouse gestures.
  • Added support for Yandex and Slimjet browsers.
  • Two new step-by-step demos explaining how to define mouse shortcuts and gestures.
  • Scripting API now supports the #targetTabs preset tab-selection on any tabSpec argument
Version 2021.2.8 Released on 2021-02-08
  • New trigger condition "Mouse over", allows to restrict triggers to specific elements under the mouse.
    Usage examples at Hover-sensitive shortcuts.
  • New predefined tab selection "Hovered tab", gives the tab under the mouse.
  • Tabs can now be filtered by Hovered state, Used state and Menu selection.
  • The default actions when selecting menu items are now customizable.
  • It's now possible to perform mouse gestures over menu items and tabs in the tab strip.
  • The "Menu state" trigger condition can now specify one or more menus to be restricted to.
  • Thumbnail sizes inside menus are now customizable.
  • Select marked item replaced by the new and more capable Select menu item.
  • The Close tabs advanced action can now control which tab to switch to and whether to keep the window open.
Version 2020.11.12 Released on 2020-11-12
  • New basic action Save element url and advanced action Save URL.
  • New Copy selected URLs action which replaces the old Copy links action.

When these actions are combined, it's possible to save all selected elements (links, images, etc.) automatically to any folder.
Version 2020.9.14 Released on 2020-09-14
  • Actions can now be organized in sections.
  • Actions can be moved, duplicated and collapsed.
  • New advanced action Change volume for changing global speaker volume and browser volume.
  • New "Advanced options" panel with some settings to fine-tune shortcuts behaviour and reliability.
Version 2020.8.3 Released on 2020-08-04
Local and remote synchronization of settings. User settings can now be automatically synchronized across different AutoControl installations in the same computer or different computers.
Version 2020.6.29 Released on 2020-06-29
  • New trigger condition: "Text cursor", which allows to restrict triggers to whether the user is typing or not.
  • New placeholder: <omnibox>, which gives the text typed in the address bar.

Usage examples at Address bar shortcuts.
Version 2020.5.26 Released on 2020-05-26
  • New basic action open element url and advanced action copy element url.
  • New "Full override" option for keyboard keys and mouse buttons. This simplifies overriding keys and buttons that perform their native action when released.
  • New scripting function ACtl.runCommand().
  • Maximum amount of custom toolbar buttons raised from 3 to 5.
Version 2020.4.16 Released on 2020-04-17
New Run script action and scripting API. This new action lets you execute Javascript code in one or more tabs or in the background.
The scripting API gives you programmatic access to AutoControl's functionality.
Version 2019.10.10 Released on 2019-10-10
New clipboard actions Copy links, Extract URLs, and Erase dup. lines.
Version 2019.8.21 Released on 2019-08-21
Custom toolbar buttons. You can now add extra buttons to Chrome's toolbar and use them to trigger any action supported by AutoControl.
Version 2019.7.30 Released on 2019-08-05
New Synthesize input and Stop synth input actions. It's now possible to generate arbitrary sequences of keystrokes, mouse buttons and mouse movements.
Version 2019.3.28 Released on 2019-04-01
First public release.