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Gets or sets the state of a switch that was created in the
user configuration page.

ACtl.switchState(switchName[,newState]) switchName Type: string The name of a switch as it appears in the configuration page. The name matching is done ignoring letter case and redundant white spaces.
i.e. My first switch is equivalent to     mY FirST   SwiTCh  
newState Type: boolean | number Default: undefined If this argument is omitted, the function does nothing; it just returns the switch's current state.
Otherwise, the argument can be:
true: The switch will be turned ON.
false: The switch will be turned OFF.
-1: The switch will be toggled to its opposite state.
Returns Type: Promise Resolves to: boolean | undefined Returns immediately. The Promise will resolve with the new state of the switch (true or false).
If no switch matches the name given by switchName, undefined is returned.


	let switchName = 'My switch 1' ;
	//Get the switch's current state
	let switchState = await ACtl.switchState(switchName) ;
	//If the switch doesn't exist
	if( switchState===undefined ){
		//Alert and terminate
		alert(`'${switchName}' doesn't exist!`) ;
		//Show its current state
		alert(`'${switchName}' is currently ${switchState ? 'ON' : 'OFF'}`) ;
		//Toggle it to its opposite state
		switchState = await ACtl.switchState(switchName, -1) ;
		//Show the new state
		alert(`'${switchName}' is now ${switchState ? 'ON' : 'OFF'}`) ;
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