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Closes one or more tabs and windows. ACtl.closeTab([tabSpec]) tabSpec Type: TabSpec Default: undefined One or more tabs to close. It can be either a tab ID, a filter object, a tab-selection name or an array combining all that. Full details at Tab Specifier.
If omitted, the tab the script is running in will be closed.
Returns Type: Promise Resolves to: number Returns immediately. The Promise will resolve with the number of tabs that were closed, which may be zero if tabSpec gives an empty set. Throws Type: string Error description if tabSpec is not a valid Tab Specifier.


Close all tabs to the right of the current tab.

	let tabCount = await ACtl.closeTab('#allRightTabs') ;

Close the current window.

	let tabCount = await ACtl.closeTab('#currWinTabs') ;

Open a URL in a pop-up window, then wait 2 seconds and close the window.

	let [tabId] = await ACtl.openURL('', {newWindow: 'popup'}) ;
	await ACtl.sleep(2000) ;
	ACtl.closeTab(tabId) ;
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