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Gets the content of any local file or URL. The maximum file size is only limited by the available RAM. ACtl.getFile(fileLocation[,returnType]) fileLocation Type: string Either a URL, data URI, local path or UNC path of the file. It can be relative to the script's location (if there is one). It can also contain placeholders such as <desktop>, <documents> and others. returnType Type: string Default: 'text' How to return the file's content.
'text' A text string
'json' Same type returned by JSON.parse
'html' A DocumentFragment object
'htmlDoc' A Document object
'xmlDoc' An XMLDocument object
'css' An HTMLStyleElement object
'module' A Javascript module object (same as ACtl.import)
'image' An HTMLImageElement object
'canvas' An HTMLCanvasElement object
'binary' A binary string
'blob' A Blob object
'file' A File object
'objectUrl' An object URL string
'dataUri' A data URI string
'base64' A Base64 string
Returns Type: Promise Returns immediately. The Promise will resolve with the file content as specified by returnType. Throws Type: string Error description if fileLocation cannot be accessed or if the file cannot be interpreted as returnType.


Get the first Google result for a search term.

	let search = 'Olympics' ;
	//Download the search results as an HTML fragment
	let html = await ACtl.getFile(''+search, 'html') ;
	//Get the first search result
	let result = html.querySelector('#main a[href^=http][ping]') ;
	//Extract the title and URL of the result
	let title = result.innerText ;
	let url = result.href ;
	alert(`TITLE:\n${title}\n\nURL:\n${url}`) ;

Add a text label to a local image file.

	let filePath = 'C:/Projects/image.png' ;
	//Load the image file as a canvas object
	let canvas = await ACtl.getFile(filePath, 'canvas') ;
	let ctx = canvas.getContext('2d') ;
	//Set text style
	ctx.font = '14px arial' ;
	ctx.fillStyle = 'blue' ;
	ctx.textBaseline = 'top' ;
	//Draw the text in the canvas at coordinates [5,5]
	ctx.fillText('Hello, world!', 5, 5) ;
	//Save the canvas object back to the file
	await ACtl.saveFile(filePath, canvas) ;

Obtain Tesla's current stock price from a JSON service.

	let url = ``;
	let data = await ACtl.getFile(url, 'json') ;
	alert("TESLA stock price is: $" + data[0].price.slice(-1)[0].value ) ;
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