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Sleeps for the specified amount of time. ACtl.sleep(millisec) millisec Type: number Amount of milliseconds to sleep for. Returns Type: Promise Resolves to: undefined Returns immediately. The Promise will resolve after millisec milliseconds have passed.


Switch to the tab on the right repeateadly every half a second, endlessly.

	//Get the script's current state from a variable 
	let currentState = await ACtl.var('running') ;
	//Change the variable to its opposite value
	await ACtl.var('running', !currentState) ;
	//While the variable is true
	while( await ACtl.var('running') ){
		//Activate the tab to the right (with wrap-around)
		await ACtl.setTabState('#righTabWrap', 'active') ;
		//Wait for half a second
		await ACtl.sleep(500) ;

If you run this script a second time, the loop will stop.
The first time the script runs, the running variable will be undefined. So, the script will change it to true and then it'll enter the infitite loop.
While the script is running, you can run the script again, so now there will be two instances of the same script running. The second instance will read the running variable and change it to false. Hence, it will not enter the infinite loop and will also cause the first instance of the script to get out of the loop.
This example, other than showing the use of ACtl.sleep, demonstrates how multiple instances of the same script can run at the same time and communicate with each other via private storage variables.
Of course, you must run this script asynchronously so that a second instance of the script can start while the first one is still running. Otherwise, AutoControl would wait forever for the first instance to finish, and the only way to regain control would be "Emergency repair".
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