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This function is the API counterpart of the open URL action. It opens one or more URLs in existing tabs or new tabs. ACtl.openURL(urls,tabSpec) ACtl.openURL(urls[,options]) urls Type: string | Array A single URL or an array of URLs to open. tabSpec Type: TabSpec One or more tabs in which to open the URLs specified by the urls argument. It can be either a tab ID, a filter object, a tab-selection name or an array combining all that. Full details at Tab Specifier.
If not enough tabs are given to open all URLs, new tabs will be created.
options Type: Object Default: {} An object with only one of the following properties: newWindow Type: string One or more of the following strings separated by a space character:
normal The URLs will open in one new window with several tabs (one per URL).
popup The URLs will open each in a new popup window.
incognito The new windows created (normal or popup) will be incognito windows. You must enable the Allow in incognito option in the extension's settings.
rightOf Type: TabSpec Default: '#rightmostTab' A tab to use as a reference point. The URLs given by urls will be opened in new tabs positioned to the right of this reference tab.
It can be either a tab ID, a filter object, a tab-selection name or an array combining all that. Full details at Tab Specifier.
If more than one tab is given, only the first one will be used.
leftOf Type: TabSpec Same as rightOf, but the new tabs will be on the left of the reference tab.
Returns Type: Promise Resolves to: Array Returns immediately. The Promise will resolve with an array of tab IDs. These are the tabs in which the URLs were opened. Throws Type: string Error description if urls contains a malformed URL or if tabSpec, leftOf or rightOf are not valid Tab Specifiers.


Open a URL in a new tab at the rightmost position in the current window.

	let [newTabId] = await ACtl.openURL('') ;

Open a URL in the active tab of the current window.

	ACtl.openURL('', '#currentTab') ;

Open two URLs in new tabs at the left of the current tab.

	let urls = ['', ''] ;
	let newTabIds = await ACtl.openURL(urls, {leftOf: '#currentTab'}) ;

Open a URL in a new incognito window.

	let [tabId] = await ACtl.openURL('', {newWindow: 'incognito'});
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