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Sets, unsets or toggles various boolean states of tabs and windows. Such as active, pinned, minimized, etc. ACtl.setTabState(tabSpec,states[,mode][,animate]) tabSpec Type: TabSpec One or more tabs to change their state. It can be either a tab ID, a filter object, a tab-selection name or an array combining all that. Full details at Tab Specifier. states Type: string One or more states to set, unset or toggle (according to the mode argument). Multiple states must be separated by a space character. Valid states are:
Tab states
active pinned
selected muted
Window states
focused minimized restored hidden
topmost maximized fullscreen

Window states are applied to the window containing the tab, not to the individual tab.
The restored state doesn't have an opposite state. i.e. there's no "unrestored" state. Hence, it can be set, but not unset or toggled.
mode Type: boolean | number Default: true
true Set the state
false Unset the state
-1 Change to the opposite state (toggle)
animate Type: boolean Default: true Enable or disable the animation effect when minimizing, maximizing or restoring a window.
It can be disabled globally in the OS settings, in which case this argument has no effect.
Returns Type: Promise Resolves to: number Returns immediately. The Promise will resolve with the number of tabs given by tabSpec (which may be zero or more). Throws Type: string Error description if tabSpec is not a valid Tab Specifier or if states contains an invalid state name.


Pin, activate and focus the first tab that's playing video or audio.

	//Get the ID of the first audible tab, if any, or an empty array otherwise
	let firstAudibleTab = ( await ACtl.getTabIds('#audibleTabs') ).slice(0, 1) ;
	//Set the 3 desired states to the tab
	let tabCount = await ACtl.setTabState(firstAudibleTab, 'pinned active focused') ;
	//Complain if there was no audible tab
	if( tabCount==0 ) alert("There's no audible tab!") ;

Minimize all non-minimized windows and unminimized all minimized windows. i.e. exchange the visibility of two disjoint sets of windows.

	//Toggle the minimized state of all tabs (i.e. all windows) without animation
	ACtl.setTabState('#allTabs', 'minimized', -1, false) ;

The above line of code is equivalent to doing this in the GUI:
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